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The Escalante and Boulders communities share a rich and rugged history of farming, ranching and of carving out a life one of the most isolated places in the United States. The town sites were selected to take advantage of nearby streams, land for cultivation and thick forests to provide building materials and fuel. Both villages are set in the foothills, providing us with cooler summer temps without suffering the heavier snows of winter, found higher up on the mountain. The town Fathers selected two truly wonderful places to settle in and call home.

Each town has its own charm and character despite their shared history and close proximity to one another.

Escalante is the “big city” of 800 people, with a new visitor's center, grocery store, restaurants and specialty shops. The new High School and Health Center are also located here and you will get a bit of a “town” feel here. Boulder has around 200 people, primarily spread out on big ranches, covering some of the most beautiful country on Earth. The wonderful State Park Anasazi is in town, and there are some excellent food and lodging options as well.

Whichever town you call home during your visit, be sure to take the time to experience the lifestyle of both. After all, if you're in the middle of nowhere you don't want to miss a thing! Your trip will be richly rewarded, for sure.

As a side note, the drive on Hwy 12 between Boulder and Escalante is stunning. Don't be concerned if your plans take you over this stretch of road several times…it's worth it!


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