The weather in Escalante and Boulder can be as perfect as the landscape itself.

Settled at an average elevation of just over 6,000ft, both towns enjoy cooler summertime temperatures than most of our neighboring southern Utah Parks and Monuments. In fact, it is rare to see 100-degree temperatures out here! And in the evening, cool, fresh air from the nearby Aquarius Plateau (11,000ft) descends into the valley giving us comfortable evening temperatures for a good night's sleep. After some outdoor dining and a walk by the shops course!

Flash Flooding is common during the Summer months (Monsoon season), but can and do occur every month of the year. A narrow canyon can become a raging torrent with just a few minutes of rain falling. Never enter "slot" canyons or other confining spaces when the potential for rain exists.

NOTE: Roads may become impassable during inclement weather.  Carry extra supplies in your vehicle at all times!

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