Click here for 2016 Tour of Utah Info Escalante Venue!                                 bikingMountain bikers and road bikers alike will find incredible riding opportunities when visiting our corner of southern Utah. Whether riding on the countless dirt roads crisscrossing the nearby mountains and desert or climbing and descending the twisting and super scenic Hwy 12, we've got the ride that's right for you.

Hwy 12 has become a “must do” ride in the World's biking community.

Most days you will see groups of suntanned riders passing through our towns.  Some riders are sprinting between Boulder and Escalante, traveling light and attacking the tight turns and rapid descents at a heart-pounding pace. Others are on a cross-country adventure, packed with lots of gear and taking a leisurely pace. The scenery is so pleasing and the riding somewhat intense, both types of riders are in the trip of a lifetime.

Mountain bike riding is limited to designated road and trails on the desert and the mountain. That means riders are limited to just under 2,000 miles of riding! Wow. This country is huge and covered with inviting old mineral and logging roads that traverse rarely traveled corners of the land. Single track riding has begun to spring up on some of the very old cattle and horse trails that descend from high on the mountain to the foothills and beyond.

These are challenging and adventurous rides.

Be prepared and have a great time!

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