Boulder Mail Trail Boulder to Escalante Utah

Boulder Mail Trail Boulder to Escalante

The Boulder Mail Trail is a popular hiking/backpacking/trail running route that links Escalante and Boulder, crossing over slick rock, several rivers and weaves between Pinion and Juniper trees and sagebrush.  Mules were the mode of transportation to deliver mail and supplies between the towns on Boulder Mail Trail for decades.

Water can be found in water pockets, Sand Creek and Death Hollow year-round. Slickrock is dotted with cairns but it is still easy to lose the trail, as it twists and turns for the easiest route. Orienteering on the Boulder Mail Trail is challenging.

Six miles from the "U.F.O. Landing Site" the cairns zig-zag down into Death Hollow where the creek will be flowing and has great places to camp. Beware of the pervasive Poison Ivy, it is present and lethal in all the seasons.  From Death Hollow to Escalante trailhead will be continued in another blog post.

More on Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument see:

Death Hollow

Precipitous view of Death Hollow

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