horsebackFor hundreds of years, horses were the primary means of transportation for miners, explorers, and settlers. The southwest was crisscrossed with lonely horse trails that connected the towns and villages to the distant mining camps, logging camps, and rail heads scattered over great distances. Walking was a slow and laborious process, so for a very long time horseback riding was the simple solution.

In our valley, horses still play an important role in getting things done here.

The cowboys you see around town are the real deal, spending a lifetime in the saddle collecting cows and calves from mesas tops and aspen thickets. They use and maintain the trails and water holes shown to them by their fathers and grandfathers, utilizing generations of knowledge and the backbone of necessity.

This historic trail system provides access into the pristine and scenic backcountry of the area. There are countless riding opportunities, from the high mountain forest to the slick rock deserts below and it’s certain you can find the horseback riding adventure you’re looking for.

Stop in the Escalante Interagency Office, in downtown Escalante to check with the appropriate land agency for permit and route information plus condition updates.

Leave the horse and hay behind and hire one of our local guides to “show you the ropes.”

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