EscalanteATV For visitors who want to view the great outdoors from the comfort of their OHV, Escalante and Boulder are a great place for you.

There are countless miles of designated roads, crisscrossing millions of acres, awaiting your exploration.

The Aquarius Plateau and Dixie National Forrest offer high altitude drives through picturesque meadows, mirrored lakes and alpine groves of aspen and spruce. With a total elevation of over 11,100 feet, it is easy to escape the sandstone red and white deserts of the Grand Staircase and visit the seldom seen roads of this mountain paradise.

The Grand Staircase offers the rough desert experience that is difficult to duplicate anywhere in the lower 48. Roads stretch out over vast distances to unseen canyons and mesas that are rarely visited. Some roads are graded gravel and relatively easy to pass while others are broken rock, deep sand quite aggressive.

Whatever your back road destination, remember that road conditions change with each storm as well as seasonally.

  • Check with the proper authorities for current road conditions as well as closures and a reliable forecast.
  • Always travel with extra water and food, a good spare tire plus some fix-a-flat, shovel and a tow strap.
  • And remember to let others know where you are going and when you will return.

Stay on the roads and have fun!

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