photographyA photographer’s dream come true! 

How else can you describe one the most colorful, varied and unique area on Earth?! From the arches and canyons of the desert to the glowing aspen of the mountain tops, it all right here!

Many photographers travel here to capture, or attempt to capture, our world famous slot canyons. They are found here in great abundance, in every shape and color imaginable. Others seek the vast and inspirational vistas, where the earth and sky bring depth and scale to our existence like few other places can.

You will find the tortured and ancient pinion and juniper trees, the brilliant desert flowers of May or the florescent green cottonwoods tree’s, framed by towering red canyon walls.   There are rusted farm implements, weathered barns, historic brick homes, young cowboys, weathered cowboys…we've got it all!

No matter how big or small the focus, Boulder and Escalante can deliver on your photography dreams.

Bring extra batteries, film, discs, etc., and come take your best shot at capturing the image of a lifetime

And if you are looking for a unique way to commemorate your trip, you can always stop in town and have a display plate created for your wall or mantle.

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