Dixie National Forest

Dixie National Forest

dixienationalforestPerched above most of southern Utah, you will find the beautiful and diverse Dixie National Forest.   Nearly 2 million acres of low desert foothills, thickly forested mountain sides and high alpine environments stand guard over the edge of the Colorado Plateau.

“The Dixie”

This forest is home to the Aquarius Plateau, an 11,300 foot tall mountain that sits majestically overlooking both of our towns. Its low slope angle and uniquely flat top allow for the collection of water over a vast area, creating the beautiful ponds and streams, providing a foothold for wildlife in the region. The mountain’s close proximity to the stunning sandstone deserts below display the stark contrast of nature’s diversity and can be seen in very few other places on Earth.

The early American explorers considered the views from the top of Boulder Mountain to be unsurpassed in the West and many an arduous journey was undertaken just to observe this spectacle. A true green emerald, placed in the middle of a slick rock paradise, would be a fair description.

A short drive up from either Boulder or Escalante will lead you to this hidden mountain paradise. Take the time to hike through aspen forests, fish for native trout of spread out the blanket and have a picnic with an epic view. The cool crisp air of “The Dixie” awaits your visit.

And please remember to leave the forest as you found it. It is against the law to remove natural items from these lands. But if you would like a souvenir, be sure to stop by the rock shop.

Check the Inter-Agency office in Escalante for road conditions and fire restrictions.

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