Scenic Drives

Scenic Drives

scenicdrivesSome of the drives in the area could be described as the “coolest thing” you will ever do in your automobile. Roads have been cut through colorful rock and clay, twisting and turning their way through the canyons, across mesas and high into the forested mountains above.


State Highway 12

State Highway 12, the gem of all scenic drives, brings people to and from the small towns of Boulder and Escalante. This is considered by many to be one of the most stunning and beautiful drives in the world and there really is nothing quite like it.

Scenic Utah 12 Highway


The Burr Trail

The Burr Trail, another Utah gem, climbs and descends its way from Boulder Utah all the way to Bullfrog Bay/Halls Crossing on Lake Powell. This road is paved for the first 23 miles and passes through the incredible “Long Canyon.”  For those prepared and more adventurous, the road turns into graded gravel and under the right conditions can make for quite the back road adventure.

Hell's Backbone Road takes visitors on a gravel road high into the Dixie National Forrest, overlooking the Death Hollow Wilderness. This road retraces the original route between the towns and is still used by many folks to this day. Featuring fantastic vistas and bubbling streams, this road offers a rare treat from the Summer heat. Be sure to stop in at Posey Lake and The Box along the way!

Hole in the Rock Road takes visitors 57 miles down a bouncy gravel and dirt road to the famous Hole in the Rock overlook, where Mormon settlers lowered their wagons, stock and families down “the crack” to a safe crossing of the Colorado River. The last 5 miles of this road typically requires a four-wheel drive high clearance vehicle and should be attempted by people experienced in such driving.

*Be aware that road conditions change due to weather and season. Roads may become impassable.

*Have extra food, water, fuel, a shovel and other emergency items in your vehicle when driving on back country roads.


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