State Parks

State Parks

stateparksAside from the massive National Parks, Monuments and Forests that surround our towns, the state of Utah was able to carve out some special State Parks of its own. Both Escalante and Boulder are home to some of these wonderful state gems.


Anasazi State Park

Boulder is where the Anasazi State Park is located.   This small museum and interpretive center is located at the site on an ancient pueblo village that was once home to hundreds of inhabitants.   Evidence of a good life of cultivation, hunting and trading is abundant, and remnants of small buildings and religious/ceremonial structures are easily recognized. There is a lifetime of research to be done on the story of the Anasazi living on the west side of the Colorado River. The Anasazi State Park gives a perfect glimpse into life at this beautiful location, 800 years ago.


Escalante Petrified Forest State Park

Escalante is home to the Escalante Petrified Forest State Park. Interpretive trails leave a well shaded lakeside campground and take hikers back 65 million years in time. Above the campground, exposed layers of ancient sediments reveal logs once submerged and buried in slow meandering streams and swamps. The agatized wood is extraordinarily colorful and seen in great abundance here, and some specimens of wood are quite huge.   The Park provides a great opportunity for some hands-on geology, but remember to take only pictures and LEAVE THE WOOD!  It’s a treasure for all to see and bad luck to collect (a local legend).


So there you have it, more incredible stuff to see and do while visiting Boulder and Escalante!

Take the time to enjoy all the State and Federal Government lands that have been set aside for your visit and for the visits of future generations.

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