Group Size Limits

Group Size Limits

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument has four Management Zones which are a primary tool for managing visitation and other uses in a manner that safeguards its vast array of natural and cultural resources.  Zones serve to guide management with respect to the types and levels of uses and facilities.  Group size limits--unique to each zone--serve to preserve and enhance the quality of recreational opportunities and experiences.  Larger groups and gatherings are accommodated closer to highways and secondary roads. In more remote areas, smaller groups can enjoy the undeveloped, primitive lands and experiences that are so rare in modern life.

Your cooperation in following established group size limits helps ensure a positive experience for your group as well as helps limit impacts to the solitude and privacy of other users who may encounter large groups.

Please use the table and map below to plan your visit.


Group Size Limit
Frontcountry Zone
No limit
Provides day-use opportunities adjacent to local communities and along highways. It accommodates the primary interpretation sites, overlooks, trails, and related facilities needed to highlight the monument’s vast array of resources.
Hwy 12 and Hwy 89, Calf Creek Recreation Area, Grosvenor Arch, Pahreah townsite

Passage Zone


Designates secondary travel routes used as throughways and primary access routes to monument destinations. Provides rudimentary facilities necessary for visitor safety, resource protection and interpretation.
Burr Trail and Wolverine Loop, Hole in the Rock Road, Cottonwood Canyon Road, Five Mile Road, Kitchen Corral Road, Skutumpah Road,  House Rock Valley Road


Outback Zone


Accommodates motorized and mechanized access on designated routes providing an undeveloped, and self-directed visitor experience. Facilities are rare and provided only when essential for resource protection.
Nephi Pasture, Skutumpah Terrace, Buckskin Mountain, West Clark Bench, Circle Cliffs

Primitive Zone

(Plus 12 pack stock)
Undeveloped, primitive, and self-directed visitor experience without motorized or mechanized access.  No facilities provided except signage necessary for public safety and resource protection.
Escalante Canyons, Fifty Mile Mountain, much of the Kaiparowits Plateau, Paria – Hackberry Canyons


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