Press Room

Press Room

Quite often these days, Escalante and Boulder are finding themselves “in the news”.   Whether highlighting our unparalleled hiking, cultural savvy or excellent eating establishments, all forms of media from all over the World seem to find this place interesting! Enough attention, in fact, that our two towns find themselves in need of a media page.


Letters from representatives of the Chamber of Commerce

"Leave Grand Escalante and Bears Ears as they are" by Suzanne Catlett, President of the Chamber, for the Deseret News.

"America’s National Monuments Contribute to Economy, Support Small Businesses" by Kris Waggoner, Vice President of the Chamber, for the Morning Consult.

"Op-ed: Escalante is on the rise, and Grand Staircase is driving it" by Dennis Waggoner, former President of the Chamber, for the Salt Lake Tribune.

"MEMO to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke: An Invitation to Speak with us about Utah’s National Monuments" from the Chamber of Commerce.


In the news

"Escalante business owners rebel against anti-monument resolution" from the Salt Lake Tribune.

A report on Scenic Highway 12 in Utah; one of the world's top 10 most beautiful highways from Fox News.

Dear Escalante friends, One of my Escalante blog essays—shortened and revised to include a heightened emphasis on place at the request of the editor—is in today’s New York Times. 🙂 Jana

Jenna Bush Hager takes her twin on a Utah road trip. Leaving the snow and ice in Alaska for the desert canyons of southern Utah, TODAY’s Jenna Bush Hager and her twin, Barbara, take a scenic road trip down Highway 12, a 124-mile route through some of the most rugged and remote land in the U.S.  See the video at MSNBC.


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